The Manor @ Blanchetown


Let’s Just Go...

Do you ever wish you could leave behind the hustle and bustle of your life even if it's just for one weekend? Take time out for you, spend quality time with the kids or catch up on that romantic interlude you know you're long overdue for?

This is the way getaways should be. Go on, you deserve it....Just go.

Whether you're looking for an indulgent experience or just a quiet family getaway, the Manor at Blanchetown offer something for everyone.

And just to make your life easier, all bed linen, towels, shampoo, conditioner & body wash is provided

Located 133km north east of Adelaide, Blanchetown is a tiny township on the beautiful Murray River which was an important transportation centre during the nineteenth century. These days, this quiet township is in essence an informal holiday town made up of river shacks for lovers of relaxed river days. The un-crowded water ways, sheltered river bends and sandy banks are popular with water-skiers in the summer months and lovers of true relaxation in the winter months.

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